Language training courses for Companies



What is an impact on the society of not learning any foreign language? Presumably it is similar to an impact of total isolation of a single human being from the society.

                                                                                                                                                Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

For more than 15 years we teach foreign languages the employees and directors of major companies in our area. We employ Polish lectors and native speakers with documented, many years’ teaching experience. The classes are conducted based on individual teaching plans prepared in consultation with the Client – before starting the courses we are carrying out a detailed initial analysis of the requirements and the objectives of a company.

What do we offer

- qualified teaching staff

- individual teaching plan adapted to the Client’s needs

- classes conducted in the Client’s seat or our language school

- friendly and motivating atmosphere

- current and final verification of progress in teaching

- monthly reports of attendance in class

- fixed price for a teaching unit irrespective of the number of students in a group

Types of courses

- group courses

- one-to-one courses

- business language

- technical language

- Polish language for foreigners

Most often we teach:

- Italian

- English

- German

- French

- Spanish

- Russian

- Czech

We possess an extensive database of lectors, therefore we are capable of organizing for you training courses in the scope of other less popular languages.



Centro Italiano di Cultura

ul. Bohaterów Warszawy 26

43-300 Bielsko-Biała

phone: 33 816 40 68

fax 33 816 45 77


We offer a free of charge trial lesson, during which you may get familiar with our training offer.


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