Consecutive interpreting

Our translation and interpreting bureau provides services in the scope of consecutive interpreting – an interpreter accompanies a speaker, listens to their speech and following its completion they reproduce it in whole in another language. This technique is usually used during business meetings, specialized meetings in small groups, negotiations, trips, etc. A very well trained consecutive interpreter is able to accurately reproduce even a ten-minute speech.

In the scope of consecutive interpreting we cooperate with interpreters who are not only excellent experts but also well-mannered individuals unaffected by stress and having perfect diction.

We also provide multilingual interpreting, e.g. Italian-English-Polish language combination, Italian-French-Polish language combination, etc.

We have experience in interpreting during:

- business meetings

- trainings

- audits

- assembly and servicing of production lines

- negotiations

- trips

- conferences

We treat each interpreting order on an individual basis and its cost depends on many factors. Therefore we encourage you to take the advantage of our free of charge pricing:



Pricing form:


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